How to Block People on LinkedIn: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to Social Shmedia, your go-to resource for navigating the complex world of social media! Today, we’re diving into a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of LinkedIn: blocking individuals.

Whether it’s spammy recruiters, overly persistent salespeople, or any other unwelcome connection, knowing how to block someone on LinkedIn is essential for maintaining a professional and comfortable online presence.

Understanding the Need for Blocking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn, renowned as the world’s largest professional networking platform, is not just a place to connect with colleagues and potential employers; it reflects your professional identity.

However, this doesn’t make it immune to other social network issues – unwanted messages, spam, or harassment. Blocking becomes necessary to control your experience and safeguard your online professional space.

Step-by-Step Guide to Blocking on LinkedIn

  1. Identify the Person to Block: Before proceeding, ensure that blocking is the right step. Consider if the person’s actions warrant this measure.
  2. Visit the Profile of the Individual: Navigate to the profile of the person you wish to block.
  3. Access Privacy Settings: On their profile, click the ‘More’ button (located next to the ‘Message’ and ‘Connect’ buttons), and select ‘Report/Block’ from the dropdown menu.
  4. Choose to Block: In the popup window, select ‘Block [Name]’. LinkedIn will ask for confirmation, as this step is irreversible with that particular account.
  5. Confirm Your Decision: Click ‘Block’ to confirm. Once done, the individual can no longer view your profile or send messages.

What Happens When You Block Someone on LinkedIn?

Blocking someone on LinkedIn ensures that the individual cannot view your profile or interact with you through messages or connection requests. This action is immediate and comprehensive. The person you have blocked will no longer be able to see any part of your profile, including your updates and activities.

Furthermore, LinkedIn removes any endorsements or recommendations the blocked individual might have previously given. This ensures a complete severance of the professional digital relationship, providing you with a sense of security and peace in your LinkedIn experience.

Things to Consider Before Blocking

Deciding to block someone on LinkedIn is a significant step and should be approached thoughtfully. It’s important to weigh the professional repercussions, especially if the individual belongs to the same industry or professional circles as you. The decision could impact future professional interactions or opportunities.

Therefore, it’s crucial to assess whether alternative actions, such as disconnecting or adjusting privacy settings, might be more appropriate in certain situations. Also, it’s important to remember that blocking on LinkedIn is irreversible because once you block someone, you can’t simply reverse it.

If you decide to reconnect with the person, you’ll need to unblock them and then send a new connection request, which they would have to accept. Opening up awkward conversations as to why you’re requesting to connect again.

Managing Privacy and Communications on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers a range of privacy settings, allowing users to control their experience on the platform beyond just the blocking feature. You can adjust who can send you invitations, limiting connection requests to people who know your email address or are in your network. This helps in managing unwanted requests.

Moreover, LinkedIn provides settings to limit the visibility of your profile. You can choose who sees your profile photo, last name, and other personal details, ensuring that your private information is shared only with trusted connections.

Additionally, you have control over your post visibility. This feature lets you decide who can see and interact with your posts, which is crucial in managing your professional image and interactions on the platform.


Blocking on LinkedIn should be a measured decision, not taken lightly. It’s a tool for maintaining your professional boundaries and ensuring a positive experience on the platform.

Remember, LinkedIn is about connecting with others and creating a safe and respectful professional environment for yourself.

Following this guide, you can confidently manage your LinkedIn connections and create a network that reflects and supports your professional journey.

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