How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook: A Guide to Making Every Year Count

Ever found yourself in a pickle, realizing the birthday you excitedly punched into Facebook eons ago was a tad… imaginative? Or perhaps you mistyped, and now Facebook insists you were born in a leap year that never existed. Fear not, changing your birthday on Facebook is a straightforward process, allowing you to correct those enthusiastic errors or just keep your personal info up to date. Below, we embark on a humorous yet practical journey to alter your birthdate, ensuring your friends never miss a chance to flood your timeline with well-wishes.

The Perplexity of Personal Info

We’ve all been there – staring at our screens, trying to navigate the labyrinth that is Facebook settings, only to end up accidentally liking a photo from 2009. Changing your birthday might seem like you’re trying to decrypt the Voynich manuscript, but it’s actually quite simple once you know where to look.

Step 1: The Quest for the “About” Section

First, make your way to your profile. Amidst the sea of your most flattering photos and witty status updates, locate the “About” section. It’s like finding the entrance to Narnia, but less wardrobe and more clicking.

Step 2: Unraveling the Mystery of “Contact and Basic Info”

Within the “About” section lies a treasure trove of information you’ve shared with the world. Find the “Contact and Basic Info” category. It’s here that Facebook has been safeguarding your erroneously entered birth date.

Step 3: The Alteration Spell

Hover over the birth date or birth year you wish to change. A magical “Edit” option appears. Click it with the might of a thousand clicks and proceed to correct your date of birth. Remember, Facebook limits how often you can change this sacred number, treating it with the same seriousness as a password to a secret society.

Celebratory Customs: A Reminder

Changing your birthday on Facebook might prompt reevaluating who gets to see this coveted date. After all, do you want that guy you met once at a party in 2011 to wish you a “HBD”? Privacy settings are your friend here, allowing you to choose who in the realm of Facebook is privy to the date of your annual aging ceremony.

The Unwritten Rule of Birthday Wishes

Once your correct birth date is proudly displayed, prepare for the avalanche of birthday wishes. It’s customary to respond with at least a “Thanks!” lest you wish to be haunted by the ghosts of ignored well-wishers.

The Perils of Too Many Changes

Beware, for Facebook watches over your birth date like a hawk. Too many changes and you might find yourself locked out of the birthday-changing fun, a reminder that with great power comes great responsibility.

FAQ: Unraveling the Mysteries

  • Can I hide my birthday from everyone? Yes, you can cloak your birthday in secrecy, visible only to you.
  • What if Facebook won’t let me change my birthday? You may have hit the change limit. Wait a bit, and try again. Patience is a virtue.
  • Will changing my birthday affect my zodiac sign on Facebook? Absolutely. Prepare to embrace your new astrological identity.


Changing your birthday on Facebook allows you to control how you share this personal piece of information with your network. Whether it’s correcting a mistake or updating your privacy settings, the power is in your hands. Just remember, with the ease of changing your birthday comes the responsibility to use this feature wisely, lest you confuse your friends and the algorithms that wish you well each year.

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