Actually actually about us (for real this time)

Hey, if you found this page, good for you. As you might have suspected, this website is, in fact, not the brainchild of Cy Borgman.

As far as we know, Cy neither has a brain nor is capable of reproduction. That’s because Cy is a robot. Well, not a robot, per se. He’s an A.I. we created to help us get to the bottom of social media’s most perplexing questions.

When we (and we’ll get to who ‘we’ are in a second) conceived the idea for Social Shmedia, we wanted a one-stop place to answer simple questions with answers that are often hard to find. We were tired of digging through troves of old message boards just to figure out things like how to cancel our LinkedIn Premium subscription.

So we created Cy to help us do all that.

But who are ‘we’ exactly? We’re Declan and Kyle. Longtime friends and business partners.

About Kyle and Declan

Kyle Young

Kyle is a writer for Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, CNBC, Psychology Today, Forbes, Business Insider, and a number of respected publications. He’s also a highly sought-after consultant and speaker.

Kyle is also the resident non-fiction expert at Writer Gadgets and is working on his book that’ll launch in 2024.

In his rare spare time, Kyle is an avid fisherman and golfer.

Declan Wilson

After bucking his traditional office job in 2017, Declan set out on his own as a writer and internet hooligan. He has self-published two books and has written for some of the biggest online publications. Currently, Declan is working on a speculative fiction novel.

Declan is the resident fiction expert at Writer Gadgets, having worked on various writing projects over the years, Declan understands the important role stories play in our lives. From his very first blog, to his short films, to even his non-fiction writings, Declan has always considered himself first a storyteller.

When Declan isn’t busy writing or wrangling his three children, you can find him on the pitch playing his lifelong passion: fútbol.